The Devil's Garden

Part 1 begins with a familiar battle where breaking free is nigh on impossible. However defined, innocent or crippling, the world is a manipulative, mad place. Lola and Shelton piece together a provocative tale that was originally inspired by a duck pond and the many dangers that lurk about at night. The steel guitar cries proudly guiding the ear safely along, and the spaghetti western like guitar riffs add life to the darker landscape. The drums and tambourine set a worn and ragged groove from the beginning that culminates in a tempestuous ending. The single took 9th in Country at the 2015 ASA Awards and was a 2015/2016 TSA Top 5 Finalist.

The Devil's Garden - Radio Sept '15

Trying to Pray

Part 2 is the most intimate lyric of the three. Hope is difficult to find when darkness surrounds, and fear of falling again can be crippling. Steeped in Americana Gospel, the lyric & melody weave together a reverent sound. While home in a Nashville honky tonk, Shelton was asked to join a group prayer. Stunned, he found himself praying in a bar with a whiskey in hand. A few weeks later back in Australia, Lola Brinton (co-writer) sent over some ideas and among them were the words trying to pray. The single was selected as a 2015 ISC Semi-Finalist, 2015/2016 TSA Top 5 Finalist and a 2015 ASA Top 30 Finalist.

Trying to Pray - Radio Jan '16

Down the River

Part 3 concludes the project in true southern fashion by heading down the mighty Mississippi River. It's an adventure song not just about moving on but more specifically about committing to one another through life's highs and lows. The howling guitar riffs (Joshua Grange) and pronounced rocky groove (Jerry Roe & Lex Price) create motion and are masterfully accompanied by 2 roaring solos, backing vocals (Gretta Ziller) and a romantic fiddle fade away (Aaron Till). The single climbed into the Top 40 Country Tracks Chart in Australia mid-July 2016 (KrisKat Publicity) at #37 and took 7th in International at the 2015 ASA Awards.

Down the River - Radio May '16